Assistant Commandant (AC), equivalent to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) / Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)/Captain in Indian Army is a Group-A Gazetted Officer rank in the Central Armed Police Forces of India. They are appointed directly through UPSC selection process and are called Directly Appointed Gazetted Officers (DAGO). These officers can reach up to the rank of ADG in their own organisations without having conferred to the Indian Police Service.

The CAPF has 5 branches:

  1. BSF (Border Security Force)
  2. CRPF (Central Reserved Police Force)
  3. CISF (Central Industrial Security Force)
  4. ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Security Force)
  5. SSB (Seema Suraksha Bal)

Central Armed Police Forces ( CAPF ) does everything under the sun required for national security. The role of Assistant commandant varies across the 5 forces. However, in general, the Assistant Commandant perform roles like of leader, Human Resource manager, soldier etc. He is head of a company of around 150 men and is required to take care of their work and well-being. Below are some details of the job profile:

Human Resource manager:

AC is responsible for the company of around 150 men. He/she has to keep them healthy and motivated enough to tackle any eventuality. He/she takes care of food, ration, fuel and other requirements of his/her men. The AC is responsible for sanctioning of leaves for the company.

Leader/Soldier :

AC is expected to lead the team from front. He has to act as a strategist for the operations regarding combat functions.

Deputation :

CAPF performs multiple roles like VVIP security(Z-plus security), anti-naxal/terrorist operations, law and order roles, election duty, UN missions, sporting events ( ITBP in winter Olympics, Mountain expedition). CAPF personnel are sought after in prestigious organisations like NSG, CBI, SPG, IB, RAW etc.

Despite the above, we must accept that CAPF is a multifaceted and diverse service, the profile of which can be summed up as- any task required for the safety, security and pride of the nation, the AC must be ready to perform. One cannot define the exact nature of job of AC. CAPF in fact act both as army and police , depending upon the situation. But one thing is sure, the job of AC is tough and more rugged than DySP and Captain in Army. It is more diversified than Army and Police. Moreover, in disturbed areas, Army do not play role in day to day administrative activities , but CAPF does and thus hold importance and so does AC.

Now let’s come to the real part. Below are some of the material benefits that people are mostly interested in:

  1. Canteen facilities. So everything from toothpaste to a car is available at a very high discount.
  2. A big house/bungalow.
  3. A car with driver (with beacon).
  4. Servants/Helper.
  5. Good salary around Rs50-60 K per month.
  6. Possibility of getting into coveted SPG, NSG( Black Cat commandos), NDRF IB, etc.
  7. Adventurous Job. Opportunity to visit beautiful restricted areas like Leh.
  8. Group A gazetted officer.
  9. Discount in air-fares.