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Udgam IAS is an infant coaching institute with robust backing. It is an idea primarily aimed towards changing the arena of coaching in the country. Life is also about opportunity . Our philosophy at Udgam IAS is that  if every student is given that opportunity coupled with proper guidance, there is nothing in this universe which can prevent their ascent (that is where we derive our name from – Udgam – meaning  – to rise / ascend).

Today, professional coaching is an industry worth thousands of crores. They fill classes to the brim with no emphasis on personal attention. In fact the emphasis is on revenue per class. Many of these institutes, ride on the success of 1-2% of their total student intake.

We have chosen Goa for this very reason. Right now,  for Goans in their scheme of opportunities, IAS  is not high in their priority list. From our survey  we are confident, they have everything it takes to crack the civil services exam. We have tailored our course in such a way, that every student entering the portals of our institute with sincere dedication would be able to clear the exam. This will help us prove to the world that education should not be made a money making business, but instead should be used as a philanthropic tool for upliftment of the society. We are sure all our successful students would help in this cause.

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