The aim of this programme is to make you answer the Civil Service Main exam with ease. It will build on the foundation programme, to help the candidate score maximum marks with efficient utilization of energy and time.


9 Months.

Course Curriculum:

  • General Studies, which includes
    • Current Affairs
    • Indian Polity
    • Indian History
    • Geography
    • Economics
    • Environment and Ecology
    • World History
    • Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
    • Science and Technology
  • Essay Writing
  • Complete Aptitude Course

Targeted Exams:

  • All Objective type exams mentioned in the Master of Objectivity Course
  • Civil Service (Main)
  • Indian Forest Service (Main)
  • Civil Service of Some States

End Result

By the end of this programme we expect that every student will be confident enough to take the civil service exam head-on. For them other exams will be like small class-tests.